An honest or reasonable man.

Waiting for a reasonable man.

Today, I have this feeling of waiting.

Waiting for what, for more snow, for the auto industry to revive, for something great to happen?

I'm waiting for the newspapers to announce that two multi-billionaires have denounced their wealth and are putting it together to provide children without homes and parents, two parents for each of them, to love them and to educate them.

I'm waiting for another billionaire to provide many loaves of bread and fish for the multitude at Christmas time.

Is there any other reason to accumulate even one billion dollars or to be permitted to do that, if it weren't for the children of the world and for the needy? How many religions advocate that wealth is good in its cumulative form in the hands of one or one family?

I'm not waiting for anyone to justify a billion dollars in one package, in one person's hand if it were not for helping the children and the poor.

Religion teaches that in our desires that we are all equal and worthwhile, that God wants us to love each other as He does us. I'm waiting. Perhaps this Christmas.

But perhaps I'm also waiting for a President with intellect, with knowledge and authority. One who will lead us in the spirit of what some early Americans believed to be equality. I'm waiting for someone who intends to raise us above flood waters.

Like Diogenes, looking for the honest man, I'm waiting for a man of reason to help us find purpose in democracy and in the belief that humanity has purpose. Diogenes never believed that he'd find the honest man, but I'm hoping and wondering whether we shall ever, in our waiting, learn of a reasonable man?

Today, I have this feeling of waiting. Waiting.

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