What do you say to that?

Human souls.

I know that you always bring me into the discussion when it deals with the mundane. You never involve me in your highly intellectual discussions.

You want to keep me in safe territory? That doesn't say much about my intellect. You know that dogs are quite intelligent. We've been in human relationships since the early Egyptian periods.

Do I understand early Egyptian? Of course not.

Sure, I can discuss ancient approaches to power and authority. Let's consider your proposal of a government with power and authority based on the the intellectual quality of the leaders instead of on their political acumen of the Phatohos for example

Assuming that they have gained power because of outstanding intellect, then how do intellects maintain that power without political skills? How about that for a question? No one has maintained authority after death, is that your answer? I'm surreal and a reincarnation, therefore, don't I maintain a certain authority after death. 

 You know that dogs have been known to maintain a great deal of power over a would-be master, sometimes years after death. I agree, humans ordinarily exercise their authority over other humans. Dogs are not involved.

Why is it, that humans believe a dog's soul dies at its biological death but human souls live on forever?

You don't believe that do you? I can't define a soul? But how can anyone define a soul? You think that you know what a soul is? Why is it that humans always believe that they are superior to other creatures?

Even I as an an imaginary dog don't believe myself to be superior to any creature. We are all God's creatures aren't we? Except me perhaps. I'm imaginary.   How am I doing with passing the intellectual test?

You're not so sure? What if I organize a religion advocating that dogs are the superior creatures. And that we too have living souls that never die. What do you say to that?

I agree with you, what can one say?  I've spent to much time on this,   Let's take a walk. Dog-gone-it, I need my exercise and don't forget the plastic bag this time. Getting intellectual with you is a waste of time.

Did you know that plastic lasts forever and so does what's inside the pastic bag?  But mines only imaginary.

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