It pays off.

Education and civilization

We now know, and it must be clearly announced, that modern civilizations are dependent on the best education that can be attained by every member of society.  

The best among those educated then become the leading innovators. This has been clearly proven in the past 50 years and also as we examine the centuries.

In modern terms, education is an investment in the immediate future as well as in our long term civilization.

Those countries and perhaps those associated countries with similar cultures who succeed in broadening the influence of education throughout most, if not all of their citizenry, will be best equipped to confront today, tomorrow and the more distant future.

The question is that now, that we know what is to be done, how to do it?

It seems that we must see to it that the multitude is not only to be feed but also to be educated. It is through our innovations that all will be educated. Today we have all become education-dependent.

It is not enough to feed a hungry child, we must also give it the means to become educated.

Equally as without food, we shall also intellectually starve without education. The only difference is that education feeds and grows on itself without deprivation and this is the underlying magic of civilization.

Education awakens unknown human powers and therefore we must wake up to the need for its broadest distribution

In today's terms, “it pays off”.

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