Then, we've had it.

Funds for education

When I returned from Europe after “THE WAR,”as we used to say, I was to return to college as soon as possible.

No problem with costs. We had the GI Bill, that paid for the works. We didn't have to borrow money. It paid through my master's degree and I was able to manage it from there.

Colleges all over the country were full and prospering. Some students went to other countries and the government paid. We even received allowances for living. Does everyone know that?

I think it was the best investment the U.S. Government ever made.

I'm sure that these former students eventually paid more in income taxes, certainly making the cost of their education worthwhile. But they were also able to make a greater contribution to the evolution of this country.

Today, I read that the budget for “a program designed to introduce Shorewood high school students to a variety of career fields in engineering and technology remains a sticky point.”  This is only one indication of the shortage of funds going for education. 

Let's establish another GI “good investment” Bill to cover the cost of education in this country that property taxes and state matching funds cannot come up with.

I believe that if we are to survive as a leading 21st century country that it is essential that we establish free universal education. And if we miss out in making education free for everyone seeking education, then we've had it.

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