Shoes in the news.

A loss of a shoe and the war was lost.

My Shorewood banker said, “I'd hate being in the new president's shoes when he takes office”

That reminded me of this one guy who hated his shoes so much and the President as well, that he threw them at the President. I'd hate being in either one's shoes.

But here in Shorewood today, everything is beautiful, our village is covered with white snow. But I'd hate to be in the shoes of a member of the Village Board later, when people begin complaining about snow clearance, or that snow should be removed (taken away)?

That should be the case in alleys and at the curb in the business district, scoop it up an haul it away.

How would one like to be in the shoes of someone in Shorewood going to work in the morning and upon opening the door of the garage onto her alley find that she's plowed in?

How about being in the shoes of a Shorewood resident some days from now, one who hasn't cleared his snow off the sidewalk and more piles on?

But this is old stuff. What about something new about shoes. What about being in the shoes of the Illinois governor? I wonder if they're $400 shoes like McCain's or like the $1200 Italian shoes I saw in the Niemen-Marcus catalog?

Some people remember Caroline Kennedy running around in her mother's high heel shoes in the Oval Office. Now she's running in her own shoes for the Senate.

Much about shoes in history (for the loss of a shoe a war was lost) and much about shoes in the news.

Perhaps Shorewood could solve the snow situation by requiring snow boots and snow shoes instead of requiring snow removal.

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