Anitdote to a political disease.

The disease of "power and authority".

The governor of Illinois, a Democrat could have risen to dangerous heights.  In Roman days he could have become a Ceasar, but not in the USA. 

On the other hand, Southern Republican politicians are still fighting the North and willing to destroy a segment of our economy in order to bust the unions in Detroit.

Slavery still seems to some to have been a good institution, a good union buster, an antidote to labor unions. 

I wonder what Lincoln, the first Republican President would have thought about union busting?  I think the party of Lincoln really is no more and unless it revitizes many of Lincoln's principles it will  never again be closely related to the once "party of Lincoln." 

There is a strange ingredient in the overall political world, “authority and power” that seems to destroy whatever thinking cells were once in those brains. It's a disease more commonly found in certain areas that either destroys the victim or its surrounding mortals, making victims of everyone it touches.

Authority and power” are exercised at the local level as well, making politicians here also vulnerable to that brain-killing disease. Yet the local strain does not appear as overwhelming and as totally consuming, perhaps because local politicans do not think of themselves as possible Ceasars.

Thank heavens that the disease has not spread to places like Shorewood. We only have "servants-to-the-public" type of politicians here, whom we should, of course, greatly appreciate.

The brain response found among other politicians is certainly not evidenced here. Nor would certain quirky sexual tendencies that are found among some Washington politicians to be tolerated here.

But the significant danger is in the disease known as “power and authority,” that tends to take over politicians, especially those who think themselves to be strong enough to resist. Yet it has been said that two vitamins not commonly found in the pharmacy seem to strengthen politicians against the disease.

They are not commonly known. They have been referred to as vitamins H and T. I don't know what the letters represent but at a cocktail party one jokingly said that they stand for "honesty and truth" and of couse everyone laughed.

But who knows? Perhaps appropriate dosages of each might serve to render this political disease harmless.

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