Shaggy dog becomes Snoopy dog.

Shaggy dog tales

I'm dog tired.  I've just come back from Village Hall and didn't see a Board member around.

Are you sure that we have a Village Board? I was snooping around there and didn't see much. Incidentally, whatever they use for cleaning their carpets smelled awfully strong, so close to my nose. It almost blew out my sniffing apparatus.

One woman was sneezing here fool head off. She said she was allergic to dogs, but she thought it strange as there were no dogs around. Can you fathom that, an imaginary dog bringing on such an allergic reaction?

Anyway, I heard somebody say they had to get something ready for Monday evening's Board meeting. Is that when they meet? Are you sure? Does anyone attend or are they just pretending to have a Board meeting?

I heard someone say “dog on it.” They sure detected quite early that I wet on it. But it was only meant to be imaginary wet. Isn't that odd?

Oh! I did find some news for you. One said, that now with Ray Cession programs that we are likely to finance a new police station. I didn't find out what or who Ray Cession was or what his programs were.

I hope you don't send me there again to snoop around, I don't like that cleaning fluid. I still don't know how that one person figured out that dog went on it.

Tell me how far does this imaginary stuff go before it becomes real? That allergic sneezing was a puzzler, dog-on-it. 

Do you really think this stuff is going to be funny?  Perhaps I should get back to giving you ideas again.

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