Growing too old for what?

Dog days

Well, here we are again. As I indicated to you the other day, I”m growing too old to remain you imaginary dog and supplying you with ideas for your postings everyday.

Besides, what are people going to think if they find out that you have an imaginary dog. Imaginary dogs are for kids. All right, pet my head if you like, but I'm going to begin living a retired dog's life. No more ideas from me.

You're going to have to get on, on your own sooner or later. You can't be a kid forever. After all you're not like me, imaginary. You're for real. Now let me think of that for a minute, are you really for real? What if I were for real and you were imaginary?

No that wouldn't work. I'm not walking down the street with a imaginary guy holding a leash. Would you have an imaginary bag to put my poop in? If no one could see you, then they'd put me in the dog pond.

Hey!  You're not writing all that stuff down are you? What are your readers going to think? No. It's not me that I'm thinking about. It's the whole situation. If you're going to act this way, I'm going to give you only a few more ideas and then that will be it.

O.K., scratch my tummy, if you want. That feels good, but after this week, no more ideas from me. What do you mean that for an imaginary dog that I'm too demanding? O.K., I'll give you an idea for today.

There's this guy that thinks he's got an imaginary dog . . . .

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