Municipalities and economic stimulus

Shorewood should begin immediately to prepare itself for the War against Recession that will officially begin after the inauguration of our new president in late January.

This war has two major purposes, 1) to place money in the hands of workers so that they can spend it immediately so that these expenditures operate as an “economic stimulus” against the recession, and 2) in addition to making it possible for the workers to earn a living, it will make significant long term investments in our infrastructure.

Important to Shorewood is the elimination of sewer backups in the homes of Shorewood residents. Therefore, we should have plans ready to go to take advantage of Federal expenditures for this purpose.

We should also develop underground water retaining systems within our boulevard areas and parks where this is possible.  And if we don't have plans we should be ready for developing plans later along these lines.

We can update our whole sewer system by separating rain water or surface water from our waste water and we should prepare for that.

We should be prepared with a program of street up-grades throughout the village. Let's also begin working on a program for a municipal system of our own to provide for solar, wind and geothermal energy.

And among other infrastructure improvements. let's have the plans ready for the restoration and reconstruction of Atwater Beach and let's make no little plans.

O.K. Let's start. Where do we start? What about the Village Board? Who's going to spearhead this on the Board? Anyone? This is W.A.R. Let's get with it.

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