Giving honor to our elderly.

Honoring the elderly

I believe that our ancestors, even those recent ones, dying today and yesterday are our legacy and what legacy.

I believe that their belief in equality and dignity as they have interpreted these characteristics of our nation have made us what we are and our young people should learn to appreciate what they inherit.

I have lived in other parts of this country and of the world as have many others but I have been living in Shorewood for a third of a century because of the convergence of a number of “improbable events.”

Many have lived in Shorewood for even longer than I have and they only want the best for those who are parents, grandparents and even great grandparents, those living here in Shorewood.

As s symbol of honor and social practicality, I've recommended that Village Hall show a token of their respect by providing a place where older adults can gather in small numbers, not to attend programs but just in knowing that at any time that they can sit and talk about whatever they want to with people of their age and experience.

Much has occurred in the coffee houses of the past. It has been my strong suggestion that a type of coffee meeting place (coffee or not) be provided for the older adults of Shorewood.

Other communities have done this. My question is why are the members of the Shorewood Village Board unwilling to do so, if for no other reason but for our pride and appreciation in the elders of our society and even for those not living in our community?

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