Oh my God, he was a lovely fox.

World of thoughts.

The call came in. It was my nephew in Stockholm in Sweden. What are you doing there? We're purchasing testing equipment for the firm. Nice of you to call, give my love to your wife when you get back to California.

Many things in his brain as in mine. We need more time to exchange thoughts. We both loved my brother.  See you during the holidays.

My mind turned to the fox that I saw this morning. We were both surprised as we confronted each other. We had eye contact. I didn't want him to run. I won't hurt you my eyes said. He turned and disappeared around the house. I couldn't follow his foot prints in the snow beyond the hedge.

He has thoughts in his head. What kind of thoughts? Thousands of thoughts like in my brain?

At breakfast the birds fly into the feeder in small groups. Suddenly they all fly away except one. What are they thinking? Is it group think?

We talked of the frog that came onto our deck this summer. I know you want to hold him, but you can't do that, you'll frighten him. Would he think that I'd harm him.?  Who knows his thoughts.

Thinking, thinking, thinking. My South American friend told me that she was engaged and she was so happy. She revealed many thoughts that were dancing around in her mind, more than people my age would permit each other to share.

I'm happy for you. Say hello to him for me. These are only reflective of a few thoughts that we exchanged. 'Talk to you again next time.

An email from my other niece in California. Just checking up on you guys. Let us know how you're doing.
I again thought of the fox and then of the dog that I had as child. How I loved him and how sad it was when he died. I still cry over him.

Thousands of thoughts in one brain. Just think of all the brains in the world, all the frogs, birds, ants and even bees. Do bacteria think?

Oh my God. I often say aloud, oh my God I say in my mind. God knows all things, does He know how often I think of Him and did He feel the love I had for that fox this morning. Oh my God, he was a lovely fox.

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