Outword lookers or inword viewing?

Community building.

Looking inward” on a national basis is viewed as protectionist and anti-global.

At the community level, “looking inward” is seen as elitist, pretentious or of a better sort.

Yet as we look outward and tend toward another community and even toward another world, we are inclined to lose our identity, our rootage.

Those of us interested in maintaining a heartful relationship with our community and tend to personalize our national sensitiveness, usually display more of an inwardness.

We are not without recognition of what is around us or of other ways and other universes and cultures, we are more engaged in who we are and might become, “organically” as a sort or as a kind of people.

I've lived abroad, studied there, am interested in other cultures and bring home many ideas from beyond the confines of Shorewood and dream of shaping them into our lives in order to improve them. This is a very serious infection. Yet I see it also as a serious “looking inward” characteristic, a result of the disease.

I'm very much against being religiously global as I am against a religiously held free market. Those of this nature are perhaps as much against my “inward lookingness.”

I'm very much aware of the significance of the free market and the underlying future that economic globalism holds for us. I was against former President Clinton's support of NAFTA and some of his other trade agreements leading to uncontrolled global economic conditions.  

Absolute freedom has many dangerous results as well, not as many as absolute dictatorship or absolute control of any type has, but the dangers of absolute freedom can be seen when extended to children and to those without responsibility within the nation or on the international scene.   

So in a world of “outward lookers” I believe that some “inward viewing' ain't too bad. Therefore, my interest in community building and in looking inward to the development of my own community.

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