Why not transition, tomorrow?

Moving up the transition date.

It seems that the Bush Administration passed away a few weeks before the election.  And it left Secretary of the Treasury Paulson to read its final rites.

We are now beginning to experience a two-month long "state of inactiveness" at this crucial time for our nation. Parliamentary governments are off and running the day after the election as should our government be.

This coming week the new and in-coming president will be announcing who his economic team will be, pretty much to create an early transition step.

But the transition is taking too long. What would we be doing if the nation were being attacked now. Who could with determination be the commander-and-chief in this state of affairs? Are members of this administration sufficiently alert at this stage?

President Bush should agree to pass on the mantle of office to Barack Obama shortly after Thanksgiving and as soon as possible, and do so by decree. And even though the Inauguration could be held in January it would be merely ceremonial this time and until Congress decides to push up "Inauguration date" as close to election day as possible.

This would be in best interest of the country, especially  in these serious times. Why the waiting period? If president George Bush could carry this out, it would be his noblest hour. Waiting two months is going to place us in a precarious economic situation and increase the chances of moving us into an economic depression.

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