The soul—a modern question.

Embryo, life and soul.

The idea of a soul seems to have developed out of a notion that human beings become the physical vessels that carry our spiritual consciousness, this evolving from our belief in immortality.

And from that, the travel of our soul to another world after death. Most religions set forth this notion.

This idea of the soul developed long before we understood how we were conceived. Yet the notion of a soul still carries a certain romance even with some who are non-believers.

It would be uniformly accepted however that the soul is not merely created by nature? Nor would God create souls with unified inclinations and proclivities as each soul takes on its own individualized characteristics upon conception?

Then we must conclude that the soul evolves with the development of each individual according to the specific attributes of that individual and quite early in life? It,of course, goes through an evolutionary process as the particular individual'd life progresses?

To those who do not fully accept the notion of a soul, these questions might remain; does the soul enter the life of a new being or is the soul created as the result of conception, coming into existence upon that physical event of conception?

These of course are questions without answers and of a religious nature and not in the domain of politicians and scientists.

However, a very important question of similar nature beyond the idea of a spiritual soul, more of the actual nature of physical reproduction has become both religious and political.

It is more than a question that is being asked of politicians; do you believe that life begins at conception and therefore must not be interfered with after that point?

I believe that functional life does begin at conception and that an egg and a sperm unless joined together cannot function as a human life.

I believe that embryos in the womb however are not more important than those embryos that have already developed to become young men and women at 18, who then society sends off to war.

If the life of the embryo is to become the subject of politics, the development of a human being from birth, after its embryonic status is just as important a subject. When a young person's life is deliberately placed in harms way at 18, it also becomes a political matter.

It is from conception to age of warrior that the individual human life is dearest to us and to the family of the warrior and to society itself. The life of the soldier going off to war is as dear as that life in the womb. These are all our children.

As a politician, I would argue that we must be prepared to treat all life as precious, not only that developing life that is in the womb. For if we are to believe with reason and logic, then all individuals have souls. And all souls are equal.

Who takes care of those who can't take care of themselves as in the womb? We must be just as concerned about those human beings already here and make sure that they are treated with dignity whether in or after leaving the womb.  All human life. if we are to believe that it has a purpose is precious.   

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