Importance of life.

Gods religionized.

Some time ago I rediscovered a short note that seemed to be a letter by someone studying past and important gods of the world, those who are not immediate and significant to our culture, those gods of thousands of years ago. The note stated that the writer had learned that they were usually “cultural-invented or designed by individuals and then some of these gods arose as social modifications of other religions and further religionized when culturally acceptable to the needs of the time and place.”

He wrote further, “that in keeping with this past history that if he were to design or invent a god for our present times, for our culture, this god would be billions and billions of light years away, in another universe, not a god responsible for our existence but a god who was given responsibility to be compassionate to the fragilities of human beings and given the task of reaching us on this earth from that distant place to guide and instruct us as to our own compassionate responsibilities to each other.”

These are some of the basic instructions of most religions, he had found in common, especially those we call our own--perhaps what make us human. If we were to religionize the new God, he would be the result and perhaps the summary of most of the Gods that we believe in today and the teaching of present day religions. All religions would be embraced in this one.

One of the things that we would know is that these distant God-messages to us during our lives and whatever communications that were to reach human beings would have been for a previous generation. “God in knowing that, would then send us one principle teaching. That would be that we would have to depend on each other for whatever good and to share our love and compassion for each other. That compassion that he extends but could not reach even some past generations because of the time and distance would have to be expressed in all generations..

So in our responsibility to Him, we must learn that our humanity and our purpose is in our love and compassion for each other. Under these teachings war would be evil and hatred of any kind would be against the love that He expresses for us.”

“Of course this teaching like all teaching of today's religions,” the writer said, “were once too drastic to be accepted by the new infidels. So it will be attacked and denied for generations. The very thought may die but hopefully emphasized in all of our present religions, perhaps its main purpose and message to be accepted there, in all of our religions of today and if not now sometime in the future.”

Its simple and long term meaning then would be that the importance of life is in the love and compassion that we have for each other.

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