Sunrise, sunset.

River parcel.

What to do with the so-called “Sunrise” property?

If I were thinking of the type of use that should go on the Sunrise property along the river on Capitol, from a purely social aspect, I'd like to see some river related use along the river side (there are plenty of clues that we can get from Europe) and east of that, a low rise group living complex for seniors.

From a commercial standpoint, a hotel with a high scale restaurant integrated into the river setting might be another concept to start with.

Here again we might look at European, South American and even California seaside settings for ideas.

These concepts might suggest economically feasible projects to some interested developers.

The first might attract some grants and even donations, perhaps some in-lieu-of-tax agreements, so that we could begin designing right away.

The second, would have to await better times. The way Shorewood operates and as it seems now that Sunrise is not rising to its development proposal, that we'll have to wait until better times anyway. For few private developers are going to be seeking new projects for awhile.

However, we need to find a way of keeping the property attractive and presentable until then.

But for now, Shorewood should begin negotiating to purchase this parcel.

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