“The now defunct Sunrise project.”

Defunct municipal projects.

This project was my fault.  I made the mistake of not fighting hard enough.

This note is directed to the citizens of Shorewood. I don't want anyone at Village Hall to read this or to even hear about it for they may want to share in this failure.

I don't want them to know that the first mistake that I made was in failing to get the Village to purchase this land. It was my job as a citizen to convince them.

I recommended that the Village buy this land before we heard about Sunrise, which I referred to as Sunset. I should have fought harder.

And now the sun has set on Sunrise, Sunrise is down the drain. Can one imagine?

Now if the Village does not buy this property it will again be my fault because I did not fight hard enough. So it will again be my mistake.

Members of the Board and those involved in this project and in similar projects, no one individually or collective is to blame. They can only work with what they know and who can predict recessions? We would build a temple on Wall Street to anyone with that insight.

Yet the recession is not to blame.

It is my fault.  It is my ego, so expanded that I will not share this blame with others. The blame is all mine. Is anyone listening to this rational thinking out there?

It was my job as a citizen to get them to expand their knowledge base and I haven't discovered how to do it. I failed in protecting Village Hall from temptation and I want to recompense for that and urge the citizens of Shorewood to help me change. It was my job as a citizen to warn my representatives.

Help me to get Shorewood to first of all, purchase the “sunset,” sorry, the Sunrise property, now that we know better. Then together we might be able to help to move in the right direction. But wait, am I about to make another mistake?

So now again, back to failure. Now that Sunrise has failed, I can only admit my own failure. Sunset and I, we failed together and though some may think this was a small mistake, if at all a mistake, I think this is too big a failure for me to share with anyone else. It is all mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! 


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