Nature, beautiful but not always so kind.

Our nature.

Some of us are fortunately located here in Shorewood where over the years we've been visited by deer, raccoons, I believe even by coyotes and other sorts of animals that city dwellers should not be able to see on a daily basis.

The other day I saw a beautiful fox. Of course there are the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. Our bird feeder attracts many types of birds. In a sense, we might as well be in the country. We live where, in the winter time, we are barely conscious of the traffic noise of the street.

Once or twice we've been witness to a hawk swooping down on one of the birds. Not a pleasant experience.

In November for the past few years this quiet place has been awakened to the sound of the duck hunters' guns on the lake, bang, bang and another bang, their boats seem almost in swimming distance.

I never order duck at restaurants even though my carnivorous nature turns me to other meat offerings. I try to avoid veal. But then, where would we get milk and cheeses?

Is there a point to this essay? Yes. I want to express my uneasiness at my contemporary existence with beautiful hawks who must feed on other birds, my birds, at the guns I hear at this moment shooting at beautiful ducks, my ducks and to the human desire and need to live on other life for our survival.

If I could only warn these birds. Needless to say, nature is not all that kind even though mostly beautiful. And then, whom to complain to.  And what about cheese? 

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