When a billionaire becomes half-a-billionaire.

Economic speculation

So the election is over, still proving that we want our princes and princesses and coronations.

But more importantly this event has made it clear that about 50% to 60% of Americans , in the middle of the political spectrum are for a rather free economic system, especially when everything is going right.

At recession and depression times we come running home to mama and big daddy. This time even our largest corporations have turned to big daddy.

It seems that up until now, that we were about to turn away from public education, social security and Medicare. We almost succeeded in rolling back everything that the Roosevelt administration had built into our system.

But one of the candidates was proud that her husband was a member of a union. I would have thought that to be one of the most of unpardonable sins among conservatives.

So now we're going back to Roosevelt solutions, this time before the total economic breakdown. Many elements like social security and later Medicare are going to cushion this economic fall somewhat.

So for this decade now  we are going instead to strengthen Medicare, social security and public education. We are going to again turn inward somewhat until we can get the economy running again, although our involvement in globalism makes this more difficult.

We have however, discovered that speculation is the greatest evil and the most injurious disease built into the free market .  We have also discovered that all of us are sinners and tend to be strong economic speculators, facilitating the purchase of homes that we can't afford and building up debt that even big daddy can't afford.

So here we are learning the lesson again.  A new lesson this time however is to become a billionaire so that one need not depend on anyone, let alone big daddy, even when a billionaire becomes half-a-billionaire.


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