Light more candles and go less on the humor.

Winter cometh.

We are now in November. As early as August I predicted but dreaded that Fall and Winter would come.  I make these predictions every year and the events come without fail.  I guess my hope is that I'll be wrong one of these days.

I couldn't predict how the election would turn out of course. It seems that nature is more reliable than are our institutions. But elections aren't supposed to be predictable, then what would be their purpose? 

This morning there are no signs of the sun in the Milwaukee area—a dreary day. Scandinavians have all sorts of candle and lighting arrangements for balancing the dispiriting character of days like these. So my Scandinavian half prepares for all sorts of soul warming lights.  One can't imagine how innovative these people can be.  They even invented the Sauna to remind them that they might again sense warmth and see the sun.   

On the other hand, my more southern friends and especially those living in southern part s of this continent wonder at our staying here in the winter and even keeping a country home where the snow piles up even deeper. 

Outdoors men, especially ice-fisherman-types look forward to snow and cold.  Why else would they be standing on the ice looking into those holes?  I see this as the long 5-month season that we must put up with in order to earn our two and half months of summer.  And sometimes we come up short on the order.

On the brighter side, I can get much of my writing done and visit some of the better restaurants and enjoy candle light and wine. Then there is the fireplace and the reading of some of the books that I've put aside. 

I gave up pipe smoking a long time ago, so I can't look the peaceful and contemplating philosopher.  And I haven't missed that stupidity but was reminded of that by a sign on the door of a small town restaurant that I visited recently, that  read, “no pipe smoking.”   What about cigars and cigarettes and other stuff?  Why pipes?

Some of the bad things about gloomy days, are my increased attempts at humor. I've been advised to light more candles and go less on the humor.  But how can one be rational, some mornings hesitating to open the door to pick up the newspaper and knowing that in other parts of the world people are basking in beautiful sunlight and the sun's warmth?

Living in Nebraska in my youth, a winter in Germany after the war, New York state for two winters, the most beautiful winter of all in Sweden and now in Wisconsin for most of my adult life, these accummulated winters haven't diminished my inborn nature for warmth and sunshine.   

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