“we can't do that because . . . ”

Economic redevelopment

We live a in precarious and dangerous world.” This has been said many times before.

Now that we are in a financial and stock market-based recession and now that at the same time we are moving toward a number of significant social changes, many of the dangers arise out of our human built society, in fact they are built into its structure, developing there and awaiting the sparked events.

At the same time we have undergone an election that regardless of its many underlying distasteful processes and events, its finale calls for celebration.  Meanwhile, this young family that now represents the future of this country has placed itself in a position of new perils.

The earth, with all its beauty is not recognized as providing us with the most steady and secure place on which to live. Yet we are here and here is the only place we can be.

In knowing some of the history of humanity, we should however also know that we can cope with most human dangers as well as confront natural hazards. Our most immediate one is what we refer to as an economic recession and another which seems to be at the very nature of human beings, is war.

The questions that arise now, is how do we deal with both these man-made conditions.

Both wars and recessions are supposed to be events that come to an end. Meanwhile as they proceed, many of the devastations that their existence bring into our lives are more than significant and many still unknown.

The fiction of free market and our urge to express ourselves as the strongest military force in the world have got us into the troubles that we are in yoday. We must drop these notions from our national religion, at least for time being.

War, to do any good must come to an end sooner or later. In this case the sooner the better. The purpose of our economy is to provide us a base for survival and not merely give us a religious structure. The war is a drain on our economy and our belief in globalism doesn't bring other nations to our aid now in time of trouble. We must do many if not most of these things for ourselves.

Money has become a social device by which we function. Its strength is in the confidence which we give it. We must have some place to put it. It functions best when we put it to work. The stock market is unable to give it its vitality at this time. Although stock holdings enter all of our lives and the real value of these holdings needs to be maintained.

We've already taken significant steps in maintaining the strength of the financial element of our society, the banking element especially. One of the main purposes of banks is to secure money and to maintain its worth as much as possible and another is to keep that money or credit flowing within the development process of the nation.

We must discourage its use for speculative purposes, at least for the time being and put it into wealth-creating situations, carefully and as soon as possible. Job creation and new sources of energy are the primary avenues presented us for the present time.

Both call for both private and public redevelopment of infrastructure, which also includes investment in existing housing stock, its maintenance and a measured development of new housing as well as the moderization of physical and social elements of our municipalities.   

Infrastructure development means bringing our utility system, our transportation systems and our communication systems up to date on a planned and measured basis. This calls for the encouragement of private investment as well as public involvement.

How we do this means that we must be innovative. When we do this means now. We can not continue with doing things as we have before. We must keep the stock market from destroying itself, so we must act now. All these things must be done now, but very carefully.

The president and president-elect must start acting together and the congress must meet immediately and stay in session without recess for the next six months and help find the means for renewing our system. What are the alternative solutions?

We should not at this stage tolerate many sentences that start with, “we can't do that because . . .

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