If we can get away with it.

Speed limits

North Lake Drive is part of the highway system.

It extends from the freeway and then north along Memorial Drive and onto North Lake Drive through Whitefish Bay and beyond Silver Spring.

The signs in Shorewood and Whitefish Bay read speed limit 30-miles per hour. Most drivers, it seems prefer going 35, if not faster. The car behind me can't do that when I'm driving 30 or less. His impatience makes me a bit nervous. I'm hoping he/she is focusing on my presence as much as on the cellphone conversation.

We must assume that either for political reasons or for safety reason that the limit was set at 30.

If that's the case, then no one should be exceeding the limit.

I would suggest new signs be installed that read “25 to 30 miles per hour top speeding range,” and experiment with those for awhile.  That might bring down the present 30 to 35 speeding range. 

"Stop" signs might read, “caution at intersection, stop only when necessary”. Many drive right through, especially when making right turns. This way they wouldn't be breaking the law.

Yield signs might read, “Caution. Stop when necessary.”  Isn't that what yield means. Most drivers seem to ignore "yield" signs altogether.

Coming south into the Glendale area on the highway, most cars are going 65 to 70, some faster. The speed limit signs says 55. Perhaps 55 is unreasonable here. Signs might say,  "55 is the suggested speed. Drive faster at your own risk."

I've noticed that few cars slow down when a patrol car has stopped a speeder on the highway. In fact some speed up while the patrolman is busy. So one gets a ticket while many others speed by.

Are drivers the only ones permitted to break the law or does lawing breaking apply to everyone and to all laws, if we are reasonable about it and if we can get away with?

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