Another historic improbable.

Anorher historic improbable

I wonder as to how many thoughtful Americans today, on one of the most significant election days since the days of FDR are giving any thought to the fact that a man of mixed race, one more readily accepted as a black man than as a white man is likely to become president, as a member of the democratic party, the anti-abolitionist party, the pro-slavery party of the civil war?

So-much for party labels and conservatives versus liberals. Incidentally another anomaly is that it was the liberal thought of our founding fathers that gave rise to the the development of our constitution and the democratic principles on which our nation is based, not on what Lincoln would probably today think are the superficialities of aristocracy in this country.

It was the conservative democratic party, that was then upholding their Christian beliefs, conflicting with the real notion of equality and supporting slavery.

Today, November 4, 2008 should be remembered as one of our greatest days, the real end of the spirit of slavery in the new world and another meaningful step toward that spiritual city on the hill, where all humans are equally respected, where the masses are not the means by which a few become rich and therefore the justification of their monetary aristocracy.

Monetary aristocracy, unfortunately however is still a strong force and contributes to the slave mentality, a type of economic religion held by many of those who might be thought of as less than slaves themselves.

Never-the-less, the probability and real possibility that a “black man” can become president today, I'm sure, would have pleased Lincoln.

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