Am I being unreasonable?

Local government accountability.

Even attending Shorewood Village Board meetings will not keep the ordinary citizen up to date as to what our government is doing in Shorewood.

The Board's subcommittees and standing bodies, made up of Shorewood citizens, cannot bring all the information together at a single meeting.

We should have bi-monthly reviews, if not monthly reviews of what every committee, commission and board is doing.

For example, what are all the projects that are being considered, which are underway and how are those doing on Oakland for example? I assume that the streetscaping is finished now. Where are the Condos in the present time frame? Where is Sunrise in terms of starting date on Capitol these days?

What are the facts and what are the actual figures?

What is happening in terms of grant applications that we have made, like Wilson Drive? And what are the bases of our priorities for expenditures and what commitments have we made?

We should at least have an annual accounting during December of this year and each year, especially after we are being expected to hike our taxes of up to 4%.  What are those who believe that taxes are unpatriotic going to think? 

Media reporting is quite thin. If Board members are not going to respond to individuals but have the whole community as their constituency, then the whole community deserves an accounting of what is going on once in awhile.

Am I being unreasonable?

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