Keeping their light under a bushel.

Village fasades.

I had the occasion to visit the Sherwin Williams paint shop on Edgewood and Oakland in Shorewood and I was quite impressed with the exterior treatment of the building, especially the Oakland street side facade.

I'm sure that the Shorewood Design Review Board had influence over its treatment and they should be congratulated.

I haven't kept up with what involvement the Community Development Authority has had as to the design treatment of this particular building or whether any public contributions have been made. If they have had influence over the design, they should also be congratulated.

By the way, it is important to remind ourselves that both these agencies are made up dedicated Shorewood citizens.   

It would be interesting to get a review as to the initiation of this project and the process that this underwent. All involved should not have to keep their light under a bushel. I think this is great and I'm sure it did not occur without a great deal of effort.

I don't know how many people of Shorewood would know that this was going on without attending any of the various meetings. Are there any other similar projects?

In a highly communicative world, communications in Shorewood are a bit thin.

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