Senior Service A Priority?

Senior service boards.

The total number of older adults, 65 and older is significantly close to the total number of children enrolled in the Shorewood School District and rapidly increasing.

Most of these adults are directly or indirectly paying property tax to maintain the educational process within Shorewood's school system.

And they are happy to contribute in the enhancement of the fabric of their community through the education and cultural development of the children of their community.

These are recognized facts. The question then is:   "Are older adults not also to be as significantly considered in their needs at this end, the other end of the age scale?"  

They will not require the expenditure that the children of the community require. Far from it. They will be paying their way for most of their living needs and continuing to contribute to the school system as well as to any system that is devised for seniors.

What we need to do is design a system supported by our property taxes in the same manner as we support school districts for providing for dignified living for those citizens of this community.

The present school districts can expand their service to include the seniors of their districts. They can than also develop intergenerational programs.

The State needs to provide the way to make this possible, similar to the way they provide for the education of younger generations. It will undoubtedly be imitated by the whole state and throughout the country.

Let's not forget, senior citizens have not only made their contributions to society but continue and remain taxpayers that contribute to the future of the children of our community.

What we need now is to organize as a group to work toward attaining these and other reasonable goals. Let's get the AARP to wake up and to help in developing plans for the future of the senior citizens in this country.

Shorewood already has a Senior Resource Center on which we can build and expand.  It needs the type of financing that our school system has and a Board separate from the others with senior citizens as its priority.

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