What? Not the real villagers?

Real village

It has become obvious that Shorewood has most of the elements that would constitute a real village and real community.

They are already here and need to be organized for that purpose.

These are social and cultural atoms and elements of communty. They have little or nothing to do with village hall as a government or with the village tax base.

These substances have only to do with social and community entities. Our goals and objectives then must be made to develop a focus and a direction to be taken in the development of Shorewood as a community.

The main components of community are the children and those of school age at one end and the elders of the community, who are increasing rapidly in numbers at the other end. Both remain in the village most of the day.

In previous type village communities, the middle group, the parents of the children who of course were the children of the older aged group would form the central attraction point for the youngest and oldest of the community, an energy source emanating from within the family itself.

Today most of the members of this middle group are usually away from home and the community during the day. The children usually remain in the community but are away from home, usually in school for most of the day.

The older adults are not often living with their children and grandchildren,.  They are more likely to be on their own.

The intergenerational activity that would have taken place within the family and within the community is pretty much absent.

Although this activity today cannot gather sufficient vitality within the function of existing suburban and city families, these components are there and can be more likely brought together to interact at the community level.

Children can interact in school buildings and at related facilities. Mature adults can come together with children and with other older adults at home gatherings in the evenings. However, older adults usually have no place to interact.   What is necessary then, in forming community is a place or places for this intergenerational activity to take place.

Older adults can come together with children during the day in school buildings if the adults are provided a role, a reason for being there. A place for all three of the age groups and a purpose for coming together is the main objective and the problem to be solved in developing today's community.

Some of this can be done as it is presently done, in school buildings during the day and some of it can also be done there in the evenings, with all three generations present. We need to develop a purpose for the evening activity in the same manner that we must develop a role for daytime elderly activity and involvement.

Other places besides school buildings, that are ordinarily to be older-adult territory must be invented to provide significant activities and purposes for these activities.

These are the basic evolving components of today's developing community,

Shorewood has the age balance and the diversity. These are the ingredients. Now all this has to be put together and made into a cake or a total entity..

These should be the overall goals and objectives of all of us who would like to see Shorewood evolve and become a real community and a real village.

Unless we become a community, individuals living here are mere residents, not the citizens of a real village, not the real villagers. 


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