The greatest of the great.

Generational greatness.

Those whom we call the greatest generation are mistakenly called so.

It was their parents who were the greatest generation.. They experienced both the great depression and the greatest of wars and sent their sons and daughters off to war to protect this country, Europe and most of the peoples of the world.

My father who lived into the early nineteen seventies was one of those, one of those of the greatest generations. He was a strong man both of body and mind, a realist who on a daily basis provided for his family.

He survived events before the First World War, the depression and after World War II. He was part of the continuum that contributes to making this country great.

He, and not I was one of those of the greatest generation. He and his generation had the grit and the courage to survive. And many of them survived the great casualties of the maiming and the death of their children.

It was the parents of those who went off to World War II, many of those who fought in World War I who were the greatest generation.

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