Each day as part of forever.

What is forever?

Einstein said that time is relative.

To a 20 year-old, a billion years is forever. Even fifty years is forever.

Our sun will explode in a billion years.

To those of us, children of the great depression, the depression was only yesterday.

The end of our “relatively” recent great prosperity began an hour ago. So is “forever” only the mental condition of those in their youth?

In terms of time, my war years have almost completely disappeared from my mental clock. As one of the lucky ones, I returned whole and mind in tack. And as I continued my education, the rest of my life seemed that it would be forever.

Now the bad news. Life is not forever. Nor is the world and the sun forever.

The forever of the sun is only one billion years. Billions are easily calculated, even though it is difficult to conceive how many billionaires there are in the world.

So it is possible to relatively measure a billion years in our minds.

The oldest of us can more easily understand the time span of fifty years when measuring one's life. Even eighty years is more conceivable and brings us closer to understanding that the sun will not forever rise.

A few days ago, I reported what I had just learned, perhaps now more impressed with the notion that the sun has a life span.

The weather conditions have prevented its visual rise out of the Lake since then. And I miss it. It gives life to each of my days. The sun always rises. It also sets.

I miss all those years that the sun has brightened my days. I miss all those I have known and who like the sun have lost their “forever.”

But I still have to come to grips with the notion that life is not forever. So I live everyday, not as a day at a time but each day as part of that forever..

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