A billion years, theories of time and reality.

Sun's life remaining--one billion years.

How long can one wait for a response to a proposal for an indoor coffee patio?

Scientist remind us that time is relative, yet we are told that the sun will fairly soon, that is in a billion years begin its route to becoming a black hole. 

Meanwhile, as  the sun begins to expand and move into our orbit and roast all of us, I've made other plans for a billion years from now, so I won't be around, unless someone provides me a seat to watch the show.

Making long term plans for a billion years from now gives us plenty of time to think of what to do about the sitiuation. But that's above my pay grade as a planner, as they say. I'm wondering how my central plaza bridging Oakland and Capitol here in Shorewood will withstand the heat. I'm putting solar panels all over the place, but I don't want that much heat.

Some scientist believe that if we could nudge the orbits of some smaller bits floating around us in space, that we could impose a change in our orbit utilizing their pulling force. That could alter our orbit over millions of years so that we could avoid the expanding sun. But this medicine has a serious side effect, where do we go from there?

Meanwhile we are thinking of developing sun shades for the earth.  But a coffee patio is more difficult.

We might even lose the moon. That means no more “Solo mio” or “Moon over Miami” songs. Wouldn't we now have to find another sun to orbit around?  Well, we' ll be looking into that too.

I think that by that time, that we will not only have run out of oil and coal, but we will have used up all the water as well, regardless of our orbit. Those who are around at that time better start believing in God or they've had it.

Back to today's reality.  I've given our Village Board a few days not to answer my request, but that's nothing in relation to our “changing the earth orbit project.”  And a few thousand dollars is nothing compared to the millions of billion of trillions of dollars that that government project, changing the earth's orbit is going to cost.

Will the children of coming generations, that we are so concerned about  then have to pay for that too? We still haven't paid today's trillion dollar debt, although some say they will confront it.  It gives us a different perspective doesn't it?

If our present debt carries over until then, without foreclosure, I'd hate to have to pay the accumulated interest on that.

Meanwhile, I must say that the village board members in the tradition of Village Hall have passed their test. They have ignored my request for indicating what steps to take to approve a coffee patio for seniors.

I know, the members think that the project is too unrealistic.  Yes, you guys passed the test

By the way, did you remove some of the upholstered furniture because I requested it?  

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