Objective what?

Local government

We often use the term Village Hall to identify our local government here in Shorewood.

When I use the term, I'm not talking about the building that is referred to as Village Hall but to our governmental institution as a collective body, physically represented by that building.

In my analysis and critiques connected with understanding our community and its function, I separate the institution from those governing it, the Village Board and the government of the people it serves, which is the community.

Village Hall is a concept of government based on State statutes, tradition of local government, the history and function of its own established laws, past and present and an attitude as to the general function of local government, which is in a sense a force unto itself.

On the other hand the members of the Village Board themselves are not only governed by this tradition of Village Hall but are the live members of government who are implementing these traditions collectively  within the understood governmental fashions of the day.

As an analyst of our own particular community, its social structure and its function, it becomes necessary to maintain a distinct difference between the government of this municipality, defined as Village Hall and the functions of the Village Board as well as that of the actual social community, those who live here.

Therefore in my reference to Village Hall it is necessary to understand that these two elements, Village Hall and Village Board are inherent components of our government but also to remember that our government is a separate element of community.

The Shorewood Village School Board functions are more closely related to our community than are those of Village Board because of the school's close relationships and its involvement in the lives of our children and their development.

Our Village Board on the other hand has many general village responsibilities not as closely associated to individual citizens nor to community, but never-the-less responsible to the community.

In my critiques and analysis I will continue to use these collective terms.

I've taken a rather academic approach to these terms.  And this in order to give a more objective understanding of the various ramifications of our community, what we call the Village of Shorewood.

This too, to give an organized basis for judging what should of course be considered as my subjective analyses.

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