Convergence as the point of reality.

Improbables and reality

For many years I've been concerned about the existence of things and of the existence of thought itself.

But life has kept me too busy with other things to devote the time that a would-be philosopher should to such notions of this nature as they come to mind.

Not having the time left for fully exploring the development of these concepts, I must put them somewhere where they may serve as reminders for future consideration by others. I am therefore thankful to this technology which itself presents some proof of the theory that I'm presenting here.

The main concept is perhaps best expressed as theory rather than mere perception or conjecture. I think that this is best expressed as a theory of the convergence of improbables. My constant interest in history and the review of the events of my own life has led me to the notion of “improbables” and their “convergence.”

Most of what we consider to be reality is made up of improbable events and more importantly the convergence of several or many of these improbable events.

Scientists are immersed in their attempt to untie these events or forces, even trying to understand how they came together to form other events. I'm more concerned with the social events that have made humanity what it is.

The big bang theory is the attempt to understand how the physical universe or how space itself began. In their studies they seem to be coming up with series of improbable events, such as the big bang itself.

I'm overwhelmed by the theory of the big bang. In the face of that theory which can find more real explanation, I should be underwhelmed by my theory of improbables whose convergence is improbable, yet these events are creators of realities.

The separation of the masses of earth into continents is an improbability that we pay little attention to, except that it occurred. The different growth forms and life forms that took place over centuries are improbable.

The development of the human specie that travel from continent to continent is improbable in its consistency as we persist in reproducing ourselves and require more room. Today we fly from continent to continent, once improbable. And reproduction itself as it occurs in all species is an improbable.

The arrival to the North American continent, first by those referred to as Native Americans and then by Europeans and Africans was an improbable.

And all the improbable events that resulted from that improbable and their convergence in the production of what today we call the United States was all improbable but produced the reality of today, all of its ingredients improbable.

Reality itself is the convergence of the improbable. And if we have any doubts about this then let's think of the improbable development and existence of earth itself, its center a mass of fire.

It is the act of convergence of improbables itself that creates reality. It is convergence that creates and creates and creates new realities. Perhaps unknown to me is that this theory is already in existence somewhere and I hope that it is. But I don't know of where it might have been expressed.

But in my limited knowledge and in the time that I have left, I shall be exploring and perhaps further developing this theory and hope other minds much greater than mine are focusing on this subject and will eventual carry this improbable theory to the further point of reality.

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