. . . thought is life forming.

Inward thoughts.

The eldest in society, those fortunate enough not to be too concerned with obtaining food and shelter tend to turn inward and usually to the past.

After all, the greater part of life for elders is in the past.  And who knows more about one's life than oneself and therefore inward viewing becomes somewhat a functioning form of personal history.

Those not so healthy and living in condemned conditions of pain, mainly suffer the present with some hope of future deliverance of the conditions of old age.

Pain tends to keep one focused on its presence and its source.  And one might ask why not happy exhilaration rather than the misery of pain into the end.

Overriding all is a conscious “finale of life,” never dreamed to come so soon after one's youth.

For those without pain or only minimally distracted by pain, finale is not so prominent and the review of history, one's own history within the overall history of his/her time is like reading a novel, but from the end toward the beginning.

And many questions are asked during the review and a few of them even seem to have answers in a virtual sphere.

Those who love thinking rather than jogging can even find pleasure in the music and the thought of the past and in reading of scientific advances in reverse order. After all, history is how we got here.

The reality of writing thoughts down can also be a joy. This is a form of sharing, sharing human feeling and in itself, life forming.

And now again to politics and to the future.  

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