. . . when the times call for action

Leadership power

Our country has evolved into a two political party system sharing power in the congress and with a relatively strong presidency that cannot function well without its support.

Therefore these two units of government are involved in the real functioning leadership of this country.

The president can point in a direction and sometimes lead the way, but our forefathers made it impossible for him to takeover all the power of governance. If his party is in the majority they can help enhance his power and shield him in many ways.

In most cases, when the president has gone on his own, it has not been of great service to this country. A president can show leadership by being persistent but he cannot take total power and if so, not for long.

Therefore none of the things that our candidates promise today will come to pass, at least not as we expect, once the candidate is elected.

We can only hope that the best action will be taken when the times call for action.

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