. . . and then why.

Full stomach and proper perspective.

When I started writing this, this morning, I had just been watching the sun rise out of Lake Michigan into a partially cloudy sky, this huge ball, the center of our universe.

Now here I sit in Shorewood, an urban place that we call a village, the sun streaming though the window a reminder of the insignificance of human presence here.

At this moment then everyone of this earth becomes equally significant or insignificant. And this is usually how I start my day.

Regardless of the social means devised to make some seem more important than others, whether it is the house they live in, the car that they drive, the clothes they wear, their title or mannerism, they all seem to be equal, except that I'm a little less important because I'm the analyst.

If at times I find myself feeling somewhat more important, I try to picture a starving child somewhere in the world. When congress is asking a CEO about his 300 million take home, if one thinks of a starving child, one will understand what greed is.

Yet greed justifies the fiction of the free market, a concept invented by one as insignificant as the rest of us at another time.

Of course there are great men in the world and the general term men, includes both genders as we view them from different perspectives. Thomas Jefferson is one of my important or great men. But he kept slaves, one it is believed that he took as a wife.  She wasn't freed until after his death.   

Abraham Lincoln was another whose own personal tragedies kept him from giving himself importance.

The third American was Franklin Roosevelt who also had some failings but who kept democracy from dying and even from yielding to communism or fascism.

Yet some could point to the evils of these men and even their insignificance. Then think of the importance of that starving child and that old women sitting in the corner of a dark room, cane in hand. Who and what is important or significant?

Again let's think about those who are more significant by about $300 million dollars and opposed to taxes because paying tax is not necessarily patriotic.

I also get to see the sun set, but it's not as impressive as when it rises out of the lake, when I look out into the universe and first ask how and then why.

I sometimes think that the world is a wonderful place if you have the proper view and a full stomach.

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