Political judgment

Well, here's one October surprise.

Is today's news about Governor Palin and her first dude in the “ state troopers case” the beginning of her political bridge to nowhere? How does Senator McCain shake out in this one?

Talk about experience and judgment, what's this?

Power brings arrogance with it. And when that arrogance gets out of control we see the glove slip off the iron hand or the type of stupidity that President Clinton displayed in his personal life as a politician.

Here we have examples of both.

It is not likely that Senator McCain will admit any mistakes, as commanders must often do and pick another vice presidential running mate, not at this late date even though she's going to become a drag on his campaign and popularity.

Even if he still thinks her to be a good candidate, shouldn't he tone her down and place more emphasis on himself and what he's going to do in this economic crisis?

Either way, won't it show real political wisdom? McCain is in a difficult situation and needs to give us a good example of real political judgment. There are only a few weeks left.

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