Intergenerational communities

With our life span greatly extended today, we cannot continue to follow retirement standards of the 20th century.

We should begin thinking of extending our productive lives for another decade or so. Some who could have retired at 65 have instead chosen to carry on their work for another decade and could have been as effective and perhaps more effective for still another decade.

Not everyone would want to do this, but people of former retirement age should not be discouraged from continuing to make their contribution to society. Many people of wealth continue to support their favorite projects or take on new ones.

Although we know that older adults are going to need various service perhaps not as extensively required previously, they could even so, add to the quality of life and give inspiration to those around them.

We must remember that these are the people who have for decades already added to the quality of life of those living here and they had great aspirations for future generations. They will provide a great heritage to those they leave behind.

Their lives have not been wasted nor are they even now without meaning to our total way of life so we should be generous to each other regardless of generation.

It is those of the middle generations of today that must work toward reshaping our society so as to reap greater benefits from and providing a better life quality to those of the ages of our parents and grandparents. There are ways of enriching our society by taking all of these benefits into consideration.

I believe that we can do this in Shorewood and I shall continue to work toward a greater inclusiveness of people of all ages in the everyday living of this community. New ways of interacting with all generations have already begun to develop.

I am certainty going to work with and support the efforts of Shorewood's Connecting Caring Communities Partnership. We are at the beginning of real enhancing changes in the lives of those of us who consider Shorewood to be our own and real functioning community.

I look forward to joining with those who are willing to become part of this early movement. We shall be demonstrating what community really is.

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