Let's get on with it.

Community culture

Let's honor our own existence.

One of Shorewood's goals should be to keep as many citizens already living here remaining here as active members of this community for as long as possible.

The purpose is to keep the social heritage stored in the minds of those who continue to live here actively demonstrated in what we do toward the perfection of the culture of this community.

Newcomers bring new vigor but the residents who live here the longest act as a memory bank of our evolving culture. Therefore the oldest members living here should understand that they can continue to contribute as much if not more to our community as other members may do.

The elders should persist in making their contributions and accept the new inputs of new members coming into our community so that our culture remains in a constant state of growth and evolution, further strengthening its culture base.

It may seem strange to some that action to “create a new culture” finds its focus in the oldest members of Shorewood's community yet still  expected to permeate all age groups.

For the heart of the community is within its culture and the collective memory of that culture.

Nature's function is survival and reproduction of species for their collective survival. Our community's survival depends on the reproductive or long-lived culture of those experiencing life here.

People living together for whatever reasons, find that this survival characteristic is what creates community and the longer they live together the longer they become part of its culture. This is what gives us our identity and our purpose.

The respect that we give our elders then will assist us in developing our very nature. For in honoring our elders we give hope to our future and honor our own existence.

So let's get on with it.  Let's continue to develop the culture that forms the structure of  our community.

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