Our own energy source.

Local energy sources.

There are many elements of community that lead or contribute to its formulation.

One element of community that is going to be helpful for suburbs in their community development is going to be their local energy resources.

Rather than getting on a broader grid, small communities can become their own sources of energy and use the broader grid to supplement their own supply or in distributing any surplus.

They can form their own corporations to handle this in the same way that they handle their own water billing, street repairing and sewer systems.

This economic element will help contribute to the community's economic independence and further its sense of community.

As we find ways of developing methods for solar and wind energy and other energy sources we can and should keep the community at the center of these resources.

I have already developed a few artful ways for gathering solar energy to begin with. We now need to find ways for creating attractive features within our community for developing wind as a source of energy.

I think we can become leaders in this area, if the innovative minds in Shorewood become sufficiently stimulated.

Someone interested in this should run for office, if no elected official is willing to give further strength to this possibility.

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