Which third party?

Significance of party.

This country has evolved into a two party system, a congress and a strong presidency.

It is not possible to vote significantly, if one were to vote for a third party candidate in this country, no matter how noble, and something that I've sometimes considered.

A vote for a relatively weak third party may be worse than deciding perhaps on what might be considered by some to be voting for the least of two evils.

The Democratic Party was once pro-slavery, while the Republicans were abolitionists. Today, most African-Americans vote Democratic. Henry Wallace probably headed one of the strongest third parties which had shown some possibilities of becoming a significant party.

Because I believe that President Lincoln was among our greatest presidents doesn't mean that I accept everything that Republicans believe in today. I believe President Franklin Roosevelt was also among our greatest presidents. This doesn't mean that I support everything that Democrats might believe in today or in the past.

This doesn't make me a maverick. I often think outside my religion and party. I think for myself as most people I know do. Organized thought is for oligarchies.

Both parties believe in a Capitalistic system, of course, depending on how its defined. I do too. This is no great admission. But all things that human beings do must be within some framework of convention of sorts, whether it's religion, politics or business. I'm sure that most people do not believe as strongly in each of the commandments.

Our system which was pretty much named by Karl Marx as Capitalism was when described under Adam Smith run pretty much as a cash system, especially in its early stages. As banks evolved, the system later developed corporations as more extensive organized units of business.

Today the financial structure is superimposed on that system, developed within an uncontrolled freedom like one growing up unrestricted in the forest. We cannot have a social enterprise such as today's financial system operating outside of a controlled and transparent framework. Our economy is part of our whole social and political system.

Today, I don't believe that Obama or McCain are great choices or that either might make great presidents. We won't know until later. But who are the other candidates that we can vote for come November who would be likely to acquire sufficient votes to get elected?

Senator McCain has been in politics for a much longer time than Senator Obama. He's got more experience. He's therefore done more that can be criticized and we know more about him. Just as we have more to criticize FDR about and even Lincoln.

Therefore, Obama seems more innocent for the time being. He's a liberal, whatever that means. McCain says he's conservative, whatever that means. Moreover, he's a maverick, whatever that means.

The question is not which is most competent but which is likely do what this country needs. Those who are going to decide who it is are the voters.

Neither McCain or Obama is superhuman. No one is. We can only judge them as individuals steeped in the principals of their parties and what they say about these principles.

Whatever action either one of them will take as president will not be very closely related to what he is talking about today. So how are we to judge? Primarily by what we as individuals think they will do in whatever future situations that may be presented.

At the present, these situations can only be considered as hypothetical. Most of us will vote based on the principles of the party that we accept and that best represens our thinking.

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