Not mere specie

Human beings not mere species.

Human because of culture, civilization, government and God perceptions.

Human because brain and intellect.

Human beings because of human hands,

Human beings because of hands and intellect.

Human beings because of perceptions of God and Future.

Human beings because eyes and ears with forward direction.

Human beings, soul, heart, spirit and intellect.

Human beings with word linked intellect.

Human beings because of constant thought.

Human communication.

Human being not mere survival.   

Human love and future.

Human because of compassion.

Human perception of internal as well as external.

Human purpose.

Human being asks why.

Human immersed in how, when and where.

Human being creates knowledge. 

Human, God and Religion, organization and government.

Oh! Why and How the BIG BANG?”

Human being and human purpose.

Human being, with past, present and future.   

Human being not mere specie.

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