Market regulations

It is pretty well accepted that we are in an economic recession, and the 13th of September should prove the fragile nature of an unregulated market.

Even Senator John McCain, who is no Wall Street genius, self-admitted, says that these are serious time(s). As one involved in eliminating regulations, he thinks that the market was improperly regulated.

One might wonder what a proper non-regulation might be? He's been active in eliminating regulations but obviously didn't get involved in imposing the “proper” regulation.

In any case, statements of this type serve to further separate him from his buddy President Bush by blaming inadequate regulations on the Republican administration, whatever that nebulous entity is. Yet Senator McCain wants to set up his own Republican administration.

But by being a maverick, he is able to separate himself from the Republican party while remaining within the Republican party, so he's not a real Republican even though running as a Republican. He sometimes votes with Democrats and even talks with them, which proves he is  not a Republican, he is a maverick Republican.

Being a maverick even only 10% of the time proves that he is a different type of Republican. He's a new type of Republican, a Maverick Republican, i.e, although a Republican, not really a Republican.

Another way that he proves this idea is that he is one of the few Republicans and Democrats who seem to put country first and above party, this even more than wanting to become president of what might be a Republican administration.

He proves this again by showing his closeness to Senator Joe Lieberman, a Democratic maverick. McCain's choice for vice-presidential candidate was another Maverick Republican from Alaska.

The logic is, that although a participant Republican, McCain is a maverick, which excludes him from any Republican thinking, such as being against any regulation of the free market. But as a maverick he can call for regulation of the free marker provided it is appropriate regulation.

Is the free market at this time to be regulated, or should it is always remain unregulated? That's the question.

It is unfortunate that the Republican party does not have a candidate for president and vice-president running and representing the Republican party this time and on this question. He or she could then answer this question in these serious times.

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