Poltical slogons

Putting country first does not then mean that we are a nation under God.”

Everything comes after our interest in our country, including family and children.”

Yet no candidate for president puts country first, including the one who is making the statement. Becoming president is first.”

Putting country first is a matter of degree then. Some put country first more than others.”

One who volunteers to go to war for country and dies for his country is one without doubt who has put his or her country first. This is the highest degree of putting country first.”

Then where does this put the soldier who did not die for his country and lives to run for president? Is he putting country first or his goal to become president first?”

It may be said that running for president is putting country first, returned soldier or not.”

Then we cannot doubt the patriotism of another candidate running for president. He is also putting his country first, soldier or not.”

It could be said that this concept of “country first” has nothing to do with running for president. But it has to do with the people of this country, putting their welfare first.”

Would this mean that everyone in this country is to receive a real opportunity to the best education possible and the best health service regardless of income? And are these benefits to be especially those to be given to our returning veterans?”

It could then be said the veterans may be putting themselves ahead of country, and they should not expect any benefits of their country as it reduces the nature of one putting 'country first.' But this is a minor point.”

At one time in our history this idea lead to the concept of 'America first.' But today, the idea of a global economy is moving us away from the notions of 'country first' and 'America first.' So how do we rationalize the idea of global economy and country first?”

By just saying you know nothing about economy.”

What about benefits for the people of this country?'

Just tell them that country comes first.”

"Why not 'let them eat cake'?"

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