Our politicalnd economic future.

It is my conclusion that Senators Obama and Biden will return to the Senate in November and that Senator McCain will become president of the United States in January.

What does this mean for us as Americans? We will probably have a congress with a slim Democratic majority, so that they will not be able to control the course of events. Neither will McCain and so he and Congress will have to do a lot of the “other-side-of-the-aisle” work and do much compromising.

In a sense we will have pretty much of the same. Our national debt will get larger, the rich will concentrate on their wealth and the poor will remain poor but there will be more poor. The size of the middle class will diminish.

The recession is likely to become more pronounced, our financial system shall remain shaky and we will remain mired in the Near East. We might begin to see ourselves coming out of the recession momentarily, probably by Fall of 2009, a lot depending on our foreign engagements of one type or the other. If the recession does not ease up, we'll be heading into a depression.

Russia's economy will become somewhat shaky so the Russian czar-like thinking will cause some more saber rattling and expansion talk, in order to maintain some confidence in themselves. China will continue to do its own thing and continue building the greatest army and navy ever known in peace time (or is it war time?).

The oil crisis will worsen and our whole way of living, and especially our car dependency will not change very rapidly. We'll see the additional effect this will have on changing values of real estate in the suburbs and in the city.

We will continue to buy from China but our reduced rate of consumption may cause China to call in some of the debt that we have with her. This may cause a very significant decline in the value of the dollar and our financial situation. Depending on the timing, it may delay our return to a relatively full prosperity.

Our educational system will not be able to keep up with that of many other countries and the government will continue to subsidize private insurance and medical industries as our health delivery system declines. We still won't know what to do about the aging population?

We can expect that we will be in greater debt in the next four years than ever before with no light at the end of the tunnel.  We will continue our involveent in the wars at continued cost of life and treasure. 

This is what I believe. I'm no Nostradamus, but much of this is already common knowledge. We should be listening as to what our presidential candidates think and are inclined to do about these possible events. That's what they should be talking about rather than spending time on celebrities and elitism.

If we don't hear more serious talk about these issues and engage in less talk about the candidates themselves, many qualified voters will be staying at home on election day. So let's give some serious thought and discussion to the reality of our national situation.

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