The politics of no programs.

The Republican administration of the last 8 years has led us nowhere.

The Republican Party, once the party of Lincoln, with its recent history and its present leadership under Senator John McCain has truly become “a bridge to nowhere party,” personified still further by his Alaskan “bridge to nowhere” running mate.

The self-proclaimed lipstick pit bull along with the emotionally uncontrollable John McCain leaves self-respecting conservatives in a political vacuum. Where to go from here?

Are conservatives now members of what might today be referred to as the lipstick party? How embarrassing.

The lipstick pit bull can't be offended by a lipsticked pig remark.  Where is the bull dog nature in her?

However, she has not been the one to react. When will we really know her.? She created the whole sexist atmosphere by her repeated pit bull and lipstick remarks.  McCain often referred to a lipsticked pig. 

Without a political program, lipstick politics are not going to work for the Republican party. The party is not going anywhere under these two and their lipstick and “bridge to nowhere” politics.

This is not a platform and even if the Republicans win with this strategy of nonsense, it's going to be  “one bridge too far,” and it ain't good enough.

What about the real and serious problems of the nation?  Can these two sustain themselves on lipstick alone?

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