September and tongue-speak

So August has resolved itself into September, the month that transcends us into Autumn's folly. We still think warmth and not snow.

No, not yet. It is primary election time in our village of Shorewood and in Wisconsin, voting for those who will rule us and who will ask the big questions, like “how many angels can stand on the head of a pin” and the meaning of life, its beginning and end.

If one remains in politics long enough, he or she will have to answer these and lessor questions.

By November all presidential slates will have answered these questions.

Those who believe that life began with Adam and Eve, before conception was invented are the most concerned. Meanwhile, this autumn, scientists who do not go along with these notions will be testing BIG BANG theories, underground, determining how the universe began, let alone life.

I wonder if President Bush wouldn't be good at answering some of these questions? Perhaps Pat Robertson who maintains his wealth by being in daily contact with God could easily pass the test of BIG QUESTIONS?

I also wonder if Russian President Putin prays to God about his pipe line through Georgia? How does the song go, “marching through Georgia?”

Maybe Putin and the governor of Alaska who speaks in tongues can together contact God on this matter? What? They already have? Senator John McCain seems puzzled. But his puzzlement about many things seems to suit him. He's trying to act a wiser age instead of his modern 50's that our advancements have made him.

Alaska being close to Russia (I knew, but it did not come to mind so vividly that U.S was next door to Russia until now—did we care?) perhaps one of our great Alaskan citizen's tongues is Russian. She might also look into Putin's soul. Perhaps we could get a direct pipe line from Russia to Alaska or and even the other way round.

Did anyone know that Russia is our neighbor and that our foreign policy is directed toward surrounding that great country?

How did we get into this kind of discussion, I wanted to talk straight talk about autumn? Here we are on foreign policy and politics.

This talk is Okay, it's the thinking that ain't straight.”

You mean straight, like straight when looking straight over a flat earth toward Russia from the U.S.A, and from Poland with missile stations looking toward Russia on the other side?

Why would the Alaskans ask God to get into the oil line business? Perhaps because they're so high up there near the sky and the straight talk shoots straight through? Perhaps because autumn is as warm as it gets there?

Are those people that are concerned about these things in Alaska really American or are they merely bridge builders to nowhere or to anywhere or are these really bridges to Russia?

How about it, Madame Secretary of State? Are Alaska and Hawaii really part of the United States when one especially is closer to Russia than to us? One can usually drive from one State to another, isn't that what makes them part of the country? And a bridge to Russia would make Alaska part of Russia again.

There's some doubt about being born American in Hawaii too. One has to swim to get there. Perhaps that guy in Kullifornia (where was he born?) would qualify for president too? By the way, was Senator John McCain born in the U.S.of A.? There's no doubt about Joe Bidden. He must have been born in Boston.

So Autumn, in addition to reminding us of how serious life is especially as to the coming winter, is also the time of folly and a time when our politicians play games with the truth and we sometimes believe them, just for fun.

They play games with the number of houses that they have, the number of children and where they came from, how good our health insurance will be in the 22nd century and how good they might have been at dodging bullets.

Here in the United State today, we worry about single mothers holding two or three jobs. Unemployment may lessen their work load, however. This is not a worry in many developed countries and not even in China.

Let's not talk of China where they believe in abortion and a form of communism that does pretty well in the capitalistic global economy. Talk about folly?

August in Alaska, sounds like the title of a song. “But it's already September” might be another title. There they might sing it in tongues.

Seee where Septemberr tallk willl gett, us, whenn ww we speakk in tongues, tongues! (This plays hell with the spell checker, and I found it doesn't spell in tongues.

Well, it was fun, perhaps not for “straight talkers.” However, it's not the straight talkers that we need, ti's the straight thinkers.

But is it in Alaska and among their politicians that we'll find straight thinkers or is it in Russia, in China and in---what is the name of that other country?

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