Qualified to be president.

I'd like to wish Senator John McCain good luck in “fixing Washington,” whatever that means.

Reform” is another term. What kind of reform and where does one start and toward what end? And what about the term change?

Does McCain want to change the Republican Party, how congress and the president function or does he have some architectural changes he wants to impose on Washington, D.C.?

Mussolini changed Italy and Stalin changed Russia. I can't think of any democratic leader who'd want that kind of change.  Then what does change in itself mean?

I don't expect any spectacular changes from either candidate nor within either party.

Usually each presidential candidate offers a program. I want to know what the program is expected to be. It is never what is proposed because there are too many others involved in its eventual development.

Besides, there's the program that is presented to get one elected and the actual developments that come after election. That's why we need to go on to the known principles of the party.

The candidates should tell us, how they intend to fulfill the principles of their parties. That's what we want to know, not the so-called “qualifications” of one or the other presidential candidate.

Once the major parties nominate their presidential candidates, they are both “qualified,” ready or not. And when one of them is elected, he becomes the President of the United States. The loser is disqualified. That's when we learn whose qualified. It certainly  should not be a beauty contest.

For now, let's see what the programs are going to be. Then shall we know ye.

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