Presidents are not perfect.

It is becoming obvious that political conventions have lost their real usefulness.

They are no longer about party and national issues but about the candidates whom already have been chosen preceding the conventions. Today these gatherings become the candidates' convention.

The primaries made it apparent that Senator McCain was the Republican candidate for president just as at one point Senator Obama was to became the Democratic candidate. I'm sure that most Republicans knew that they were going to vote for McCain and most Democrats would vote for Obama even before convention time.

We know what the issues are. Each party has spelled them out and those in charge have revealed the issues and accepted them. Now it's merely the job of selling those who may not be sure or who usually do not vote. The rest is money given to the media and to professional advisers.

If the Democrats told a Republican that McCain was the devil himself, that wouldn't stop that voter from voting for McCain. If the Republicans told a Democratic voter that Obama was Josef Stalin incarnate, that voter would vote for his party candidate Obama regardless.

All the “conventionering” means little, as do the polls. If your inclinations are on the right, you'll vote Republican, if they are on the left, you'll vote Democratic.

We could probably sum up the issues between the two parties in this manner-- --

economically, the Republicans would leave the market place to deal with all business matters and socially let the church handle all family and sexual matters, approaching all issues from the right;

on the other hand the Democratic party believes that business is a social matter that requires some government intervention in the interest of those who can not make it on their own in society, family matters included, while approaching all issues from the left. And that's it.

We then vote for one party or the other and we should stop trying to make “Gods” out of the candidates. They should be representing public interest through the application of their philosophical principles.

The dominating party can bring the other closer to center when there is some agreement in Congress. An evenly divided government or one with a thin majority does not function well,  And whomever is elected president under these conditions is likely to get the country into trouble, primarily because of the loss of energy that a leader of a majority party derives from that majority.

It is the congressional majority and a president of the same party that gives our form of government the liberty to function best. Political conventions spend too much time on the glories of imperfect people who are to become our imperfect presidents.

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