Planning for use of school facilities.

I believe that the number one issue in Shorewood, although partially invisible at the present time is what to do about our school facilities during declining school enrollment.

What would the closing of one school building in Shorewood do to the appearance of a prosperous suburb that we want to present?

The problem of surplus and even aging school facilities cannot be solved by the school board alone. It requires both school and village boards to devise the means for making the best use of these facilities.

This problem must also be addressed by those who would be our representatives in the State legislature as they run for office this year.

Voting senior citizens could become part of the solution, if these facilities were also to be used for the needs of older adults of the community as well.

Programs for bringing the generations together and for serving seniors as well as children in the development of real community need to be devised by the State but with the help of the local community.

We need to instruct candidates who would represent us as to our needs and provide them proposed solutions. Now is the time to do that.

These are my proposals for working out solutions to some of Shorewood's social problems.  I would propose as well, the establishment of  a commission to determine the proper and common use of  our community physical facilities.


Do members of the School Board and the Village Board have a better plan?

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