Seniors needs

Most seniors as they grow older prefer to stay in place and continue to live in their homes as long as they can.

My conversations with older adults in Shorewood and in the north lake shore communities, indicate that seniors rather move if they'd have to, to an apartment or a group home. This before extended care living. In most cases, they seem to prefer group homes.

Seniors would also want to be involved in intergenerational activities, more family-like life as possible. In this case the school systems have a lot to contribute.

The legislature has a lot to contribute along these lines as well. If the school systems were to receive the same type of benefit for each senior as they do for each child in school this would go a long way toward establishing significant programs for intergenerational care and interaction.

Seniors are already paying school taxes for which they receive no benefits, which doesn't seem an equitable situation. What is needed is a long range plan.

The time is right. Many schools have much room to rattle around in because of the low birth rate. At the same time we have an aging population requiring facilities.

A relatively large number of candidates are running for Dr. Wasserman's seat in the legislature representing the North Shore area and they should take this aging population situation into consideration.

The vote for each candidate therefore will be rather thin so that a block of senior votes would be quite meaningful in this race.

It is in the candidates' interest to propose these type of programs for seniors and that they support these kinds of programs to get the seniors' votes.

I would strongly suggest that candidates educate themselves as to these needs and show support for what seniors want, if they want to get elected.

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